Corinthian launched their MicroStars range on February 12th 2001, with MicroStars being smaller than their ProStars counterparts, at around 2" in height.

MicroStars were initially released on 6 different base colours, which were Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver and Gold, with the ultra rare Black base coming in from UK Series 12. Each indvidual MicroStars figure was assigned a collector code, which started with MC, and it is these MC codes that collector's use to identify the figures and what series or release they belong to.

Under the base of each figure was a set of skill ratings,with the different base colours being relevant when playing the MicroStars World Club League, as the skill ratings increased with the bases rarity, so Green base had the lowest ratings and Gold the highest, that was until the Black base came in,with the Black base having a FREE CALL which had the highest ratings.

The 5 Skill Ratings for outfield players are - Dribbling, Tackling, Crossing, Passing and Shooting

The Goal Keeper figures had just 2 Skill Ratings, which are - Save Shot Left and Save Shot Right

The figures were released in pods (plastic capsules) meaning you were not sure which figure you were getting or on what base colour, which all added to the excitment and collectability. Once opening the plastic pod the figures wree inside clear plastic packets, with some collectors keeping their figures sealed, others opening them up to be displayed.

MicroStars were released in many different countries, some were exclusive to that country, while others were simply a re release of previously released figures, others looked the same but the figures were assinged new MC codes, to some that made it another figure to collect.

The MicroStars range gave collector's such a vast amount of figures to collect, ranging from modern day stars, past legends and even some more obscure and relatively unknown players, with some supporter figures and reporters released too!

As with any Corinthian range there were of course many figures which did not get released, for varying reasons, and i look to add a dedicated section to the UNRELEASED MicroStars in the near future!